Senior Field SHES Manager

  • Job no: 493694
  • Work type: Contract
  • Location: Indonesia | CII (Indonesia)
  • Categories: 03-Construction, 01-Engineering, 06-HSE, 05-Project
  • Advertised: 01 Jun 2022
  • Application close: 30 Jun 2022
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Job Description

Chiyoda is now hiring a Senior Field SHES Manager for Manyar Smelter Project (MSP) located in Gresik, Indonesia. This role is expected to start as soon as possible until May 2024, subject to change depending on the work situation.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Is responsible for identifying all SHES regulations from the local government and the requirement of the Company. He shall ensure that all relevant guidance is included in the site Safety, Health, Environment and Security booklets, which will be issued to all persons employed on the work site. His duties and responsibilities shall include but not be limited to:

  • The Site SHES Manager will be responsible for the day to day activities relating to Project SHES resources and overseeing the overall Project SHES Program.
  • Reports to the Site Manager basis for all SHES matters in relation with the site activities.
  • Establishes SHES rules, standards and procedures for field work in compliance with Contractor's safety regulations, the Owner's safety requirements, and local regulations.
  • Organizes and presides over the safety committee.
  • Maintains close coordination with the Owner's SHES Manager.
  • Coordinates with other group managers to ensure satisfactory implementation of required activities.
  • Checks construction plans for safety before starting work and discusses work plans with the Construction Manager, Area construction manager and subcontractors.
  • Establish an emergency response organization and required plans to mitigate the consequences of any potential incident. Arrange and conduct emergency exercises as per the project SHES procedures.
  • Enforce by procedure a reporting and record system on CII’s workforce and Subcontractor workforces which will provide for a submittal of initial reports on all safety, health, environmental and security impacting incidents within 24 hours of an occurrence.
  • Manage, review and develop the safety program to ensure that it fulfils Project requirements.
  • Promote a project health, safety and environmental culture through personal example and ensure supervisory personnel adopt and promote the same principles.
  • Review Subcontractors safety, health, environmental, and security management systems, prior to contract award.
  • Attend all Subcontractors kick-off meetings to re-enforce the project safety culture from day one, or delegate the Safety Officer to attend where appropriate.
  • Arrange, co-ordinate and participate in the site safety training program.
  • Co-ordinate and evaluate the effectiveness of all safety training program elements.
  • Liaise with Government bodies on SHES matters as necessary.
  • Ensure the attendance of Subcontractors at site inductions.
  • Attend daily and weekly Subcontractor SHES meeting, or delegate a Safety Officer.
  • Develop site wide SHES communication systems.
  • Review site safety performance, in conjunction with the Construction Manager and Departmental Managers, and implement improvements in safety management systems where necessary.
  • Produce and update Safety, Health Environment, and Security systems as construction phases develop.
  • Ensure that only approved construction equipment is allowed on site.
  • Investigates all incidents and accidents, issues prompt notification and report, and ensures effective corrective actions are recommended and implemented.
  • Reviews accident/incident reports prepared by the line managers and supervisors, and reports results to the Site Manager and other managers immediately. Ensures corrective action is taken to prevent recurrence of accident/incident.
  • Analyses all accident cases to determine the extent of violation of field safety and security standards, and develops preventive measures to avoid accident recurrence.
  • Develop and train safety officers.
  • Inform relevant levels of line management as to prevailing areas of concern and risk.
  • Provide specialist input to line supervision and management.
  • Manage the SHES team and update their Job Descriptions to ensure that all areas of the project are given the required level of safety attention and support through the changing phases of the works.
  • Gives assistance to the Safety Auditor from the home office when conducting safety audits.
  • Liaise with the Client and contractors staff to develop a common goal and homogenous safety team spirit.
  • Manages the camp first aid in an effective and efficient manner and coordinate with medical facility.


  • Possession of excellent communication skills on all fronts. This is needed so as to be able to explain safety guidelines clearly to employees of the organization
  • Must be a good team player/member
  • Must have good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent leadership qualities are needed
  • Possess excellent organizational and motivational skills
  • Must be someone that is very observant and pays keen attention to details at all times
  • Ability to conduct data analysis via the use of computer applications
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Safety Management or any other related field of study
  • Relevant safety certification
  • A minimum of 5 years relevant work experience as a safety manager/director

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