Our Recruitment Process

Once you applied for one of our job vacancies, our Recruitment team will take the time to go through your resume in order to make sure your profile matches the position criteria. Chiyoda reviews each applicants equally, so please understand this part of the process takes some time.

One Chiyoda Concept

As a Group of companies, we employ over 6,000 people worldwide. Some of the staff work in Headquarters, some for our subsidiaries in various countries. We have permanent, contract, temporary staff and are proud to contribute to their professional and personal developments.

Resume pointers

It is important to understand that your resume reflects more than just your career path, it also speaks for you about your personality and other soft skills. A candidate with a clear and good Cv will stand more chances to get the job than an equally skilled candidate whose Cv isn’t great.

Interview Tips

Finding your dream job may not be difficult, however successfully passing the interview process to get the job may. Indeed, if you have applied to a job, there are high chances that 20 to 30 other people, with similar background and experience to yours, have done it too.

Recruitment Fraud Alert

It has been brought to our attention that fraudulent individuals and organizations make use of Chiyoda Corporation name and logo for criminal use. Pretending to recruit on behalf of Chiyoda Corporation, they actually aim to obtain money or personal information from job seekers.

Recruitment Agencies

Chiyoda works exclusively with selected agencies. Our panel of recruitment firms is currently full and we are not looking for new suppliers at this time.

Please note that speculative emails and calls from agencies to our staff members, will not receive a reply.