One Chiyoda Concept



EngineerAs a Group of companies, we employ over 6,000 people worldwide. Some of the staff work in Headquarters, some for our subsidiaries in various countries. We have permanent, contract, temporary staff and are proud to contribute to their professional and personal development

At Chiyoda, no matter what country you work in, what is your role or contract type, we are all under the same umbrella to provide our Clients the best Engineering Solutions – this is One Chiyoda concept.

Spirit of Teamwork

In order to execute each project, we organize a project team consisting of talented people with diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences. The organized project team leads a project to a success in collaboration with our liaison offices, affiliates and partners.

The integrated capability exhibited by each project team is a basis of an engineering contractor, Chiyoda. We hereby introduce role of each manager in a typical project team model.