How do we do it?



Once you applied for one of our job vacancies, our recruitment team will take the time to go through your resume in order to make sure your profile matches the position criteria. Chiyoda reviews each applicant equally, so please understand that this part of the process takes some time.

Here is what you can expect after registering your interest in working with us.

  1. Phone screen – You have been identified by a recruiter as being a right fit for a vacancy in the group. We will get in touch and book a 30 minutes phone talk with you. This is an excellent opportunity for us to understand more about your background, previous experiences and ambitions and for you to sell your skills.
  2. Interview(s) – If you are interested, we will invite you for an interview. This could be either a face to face interview with the hiring manager, or, if your location at this point of time doesn’t allow you to visit us, a telephone/video conference interview. In case you pass the interview successfully, you may be required to attend other interviews(s). The number of interviews conducted for a recruitment depends on the position: job scope, seniority level.
  3. Psychometric testing – Our Human Resources department might ask you to participate to a psychometric test, in order to understand more about your personality, behaviours, motivations and preferences in terms of management style and working environment. When we recruit someone to join the company, we want to make sure that the employee will fully use his/her potential. It is important to note that there are no right or wrong replies in this test and we encourage candidates to attend the appointment in total peace of mind.
  4. Qualification & Reference checks – At this stage, Chiyoda has officially identified you as the right candidate to take up the job. It is a very common practice in every company to ask for a copy of your certifications as well as speaking with two referees that you have previously worked for. If you do not have professional experience yet, your referees could be previous teachers.
  5. Medical check up – In various countries, a medical check-up must be completed to certify the candidate is fit f or work.
  6. Issuance of Offer Letter – Congratulations! We want to hire you and have decided to present an Offer Letter. You will be required to date and sign the document and return it to the Human Resources department as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that an offer from the company doesn‘t last forever. If we do not hear back from you, we might withdraw it. The company also reserves the right to withdraw an Offer Letter, in case the results of any test/check previously performed by the candidate, doesn’t match Chiyoda‘s standards.

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